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Ten songs on narratives from the Book of Genesis. Written and recorded in 2010 for Austin Crane's senior thesis project at the University of South Carolina.

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released May 21, 2010

Austin Crane: vocals, nylon, acoustic, electric guitar
Amy Godwin: vocals
Nathan Poole: electric guitar, vocals
Kenny McWilliams: electric guitar, bass, percussion
Caleb Weathersby: percussion

Recorded at Archer Avenue Studios in Columbia, SC, Spring 2010
Produced by Kenny McWilliams, Austin Crane, and Nathan Poole
Mixed and mastered by Kenny McWilliams

Artwork by Bryce Wilner

All music and lyrics written by Austin Crane



all rights reserved


Valley Maker Seattle, Washington


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Track Name: The First
So there’s the world
Under the sea
So there’s your man
Under the tree
Who put you there, who put you there?

Oh open eyes
Oh wicked hands
Oh crooked tree
Oh fallen man
Understand, understand
Who put you there, who put you there

So now we can kill
Tangled in our weeds
Watch them grow
All around the tree
Oh wicked thirst from the first
Who put you there, who put you there?

Oh smell of death over the earth
Taste of curse over the ground
Evil sprouts, oh wash them out
A blessed sign in the sky
Who put you there, who put you there?

Who put you there?
Who called you fair?
Who judged you fair?
Track Name: Babel
Pulled you out of the ocean
The new world is in motion
Noah, look at your sons now
Look, what did they find out?

Take two bricks and some mortar
Chaos into order
Making their name now
With one mind and one mouth

Tower to the heavens
Babel, you have threatened
He who doth sustain you
He who entertains you
Now is jealous of the steeple
Jealous for his people
Worshiping their own hands
Worshiping their progress

Now, city, did you make it?
So tall but so vacant
Where did you come from?
Where will you go to?
Where did you come from?
Where will you go to?
Now the Lord has come down
To see your work is confused

So you can talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk……..
Now you must walk, walk, walk, walk, walk……..
Track Name: Hagar and Ishmael
Yes and there shall come a time
Like the stars in the sky you shall multiply
And I know that you are of untimely age
And your barren wife has a better way

Sarai came to set things right
Threw the husband in the room and then closed her eyes
A servant of the lord came to give her womb
A servant of the lord has her own mind too

But now that time is moving on Sarai fights it
For the plans of the Lord that were slighted
Have they given you with a house divided?
Does this put you in a hole?
Does your house feel like a home?

Now servant you should run

We find you by the riverside
A servant of the Lord came to ease your mind
He knows you had a long road to find your way
But the fruit of your womb is a horse untamed

For he will set to nothing right
And the works of his hands they shall multiply
A servant of the Lord though you cannot see
A servant of the Lord will you always be

But now that time is moving on Sarai likes it
For the plans of the Lord are decided
That the promise is alive for Isaac
He will come to rule this home
He will come to take his own

Well servant you should run
And take with you your son
For he is

A donkey of a man, who could understand why
He’s laughing his head off
A donkey of a man, still within the plan
Running through the land with his head off
A donkey of a man, Sarai understands why
He’s laughing his head off

Well servant you should run
And take with you your son
Until the day is come

Now we know the time is right
To put you out of mind and out of sight
Servants of the Lord do you now feel true?
Servants of the Lord have a dark mind too

Now you walk the desert line
He will lead you to the well; he will stay your life
Oh mother of a nation you cannot see
The ways of the Lord are a mystery
Track Name: Sodom
The land was it hard on you
Was it only right to let you choose?
Sodom was an evil root
Now your family tree is proof
They did what they’ve done what they’ll do

City there’s a prayer for you
We didn’t want to see your future doomed
If only there were forty true
If only there were ten, My Lord, please move
You moved and you’ll move and you move

Lot was I cruel to you?
I didn’t want to turn your wife into
A pile of sand all around your shoes
When you see death now will you move?
I did what I’ve done what I’ll do

The morning was it kind to you?
The fire light and the sulfur fumes
Sodom was a poison root
The Lord has moved to cut you loose
Oh can you go where you’ve been can you move?
I did what I’ve done what I’ll do
Track Name: Jacob and Esau
Let the right one in
Here we find you
Giving out the blessed gift
You were dying on a bed of lies
Here before you is a compromise

May the right one win
One was favored
You were naked and red
And I was holding right on to your heel
Always eager to make you a deal

Let the right one in
Now you’ve come home
Always with a hunter’s scent
Let me trade you for a pot of stew
Let me trade you for the right to lose

Oh silent mother in the back room
Now listen close to what she tells you
Go change your skin, she will prepare your food
Isaac’s got his eyes rolled back in his head
Now the smell of my son it is a good smell
The voice is strange but these hands I have felt
Now take my name you shall take my wealth
I put your brother right under your heel

Well I ran, I couldn’t beat it
I grew fat off my deceiving
Until I was maimed by a meeting
With an angel in a hotel
Now my brother’s running and he’s mad as hell

Well I made it, I couldn’t keep it
Eye contact with our defeated
Brother from a foreign land
Oh servant of the Lord do you understand
A brand new name for a brand new man
A brand new name for the same old land
Track Name: Jacob
You were an off-white
Heading east and on the loose
What of your old life?
Does it bear consequence to you
You met a good wife
In seven years she would come true
Flesh of my own flesh
Blood of my blood what did you do?
What did you do?

You met a dark night
When you had earned your right to move
Was it your own right?
Or was it chosen there for you?
Behold the morning
The light came shining in the room
Your bride of weak eyes
Now is your turn to play the fool
Play the fool

You did some hard time
Seven nights for seven years
A man with two wives
The youngest one has gained your ear
The Lord has chosen
One is able one is tied
A man with two lives
Neither one is satisfied
Neither one is satisfied

You led a hard life
Work your hands until they bleed
Until the time’s right
To take your wives and sheep and leave
But your deceiver’s
Household gods are standing by
Fear of Isaac
Of Abraham is on your side
On your side

Heap and pillar
Put it there before you leave
A pillar
So that everyone can see
The pillar
Where you went west and he went east
The pillar
Put it there before you leave

As if to show
Neither one of you can lead
As if to show
Either one of you deceives
As if you know
For now the tribes are of your seed
And yes you hope
The Fear of Isaac does not leave
Yes you hope
Track Name: Joseph
Man of dreams
Are you as you seem?
Are you the chosen one
The beloved son?
Binding sheaves
You were released
And you were lifted high
Above your brother’s eyes

But oh, no, they don’t want to give you that
They know you are of a mind to act
The favor of old
Is like a robe of gold
And you’ll learn how to lose what you hold

Another dream
This time you’ve seen
That you’re the king of the sky
The sun and moon know why
Eleven stars
Know who they are
But they will not comply
With hatred in their eyes

They’ll throw you down into a well to die
Jealous, they were carrying their line
Covered your robe in the blood of a goat
And you’ll learn that you reap what you sow

Sold as a slave
Well on your way
To the good life
Handsome and stayed
You caught the eye
Of a good wife
You ran away
But you left your clothes
For a good lie
Who are your friends
And what are your sins
That you should die?

Back in the hole
You have been told
Of a budding vine
Grapes are in supply
Another friend
The baker has dreamt
Of cakes piled on his head
But then the birds flew in

In three days
Pharaoh now is gonna lift you high
But you’ll hang
Birds will eat you alive
In due time, he will need your mind
And you’ll learn what you hold is a gift

Out of the Nile
Seven cows
They are in their prime
Food is in supply
Seven again
Hungry and thin
To eat the fat alive
To eat a troubled mind

Pharaoh now is gonna pull you out
He hopes you are of a magic mouth
The story you told is worth a ring of gold
And you know that you are not your own
The one who was sold is in the promise of old
Though you have not a home, you abide
Track Name: Cain and Abel
What you hold in your hands
It is a good gift
It is the first of your land
You have a brother
He has his own gift too
And it is murder
Upon the land, upon you

You don’t know why
The people do what they do
It is a fading light
Though it once felt so new
Did he call you brother?
Did it once ring true?
It is a violent order
You were place into
And it isn’t through

Cain look
You’ve got his blood on your hands
It spilled out
And kissed a dry land
That was thirsty
And begging for a drink
With an open mouth
You didn’t know could speak

It’s saying
Right on, the earth is spinning
You thought that you were winning
You crawl just like a serpent
You fall just like the first did and the last will

So would you listen
To the voice from above
Because it calls out
It’s thirsty for the blood
But you broke down
You could not provide
You cursed the ground
Your mark will take time

Your saying
Hold on, let’s be patient
Abel just couldn’t make it
Am I my brother’s keeper?
Or am I a new deceiver?
I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know
Where to go, Where to go, Where to go

You don’t know why
The hands do what they do
Was it a split decision?
Or was it laid out for you
Within your composition
Were you only true?
You were a violent man
Were you the first to choose?
Are you forgiven?
He put a mark on you

And He’s saying
Come on, it’s time to face this
You thought that you were wasted
You fall just like your parents
You walk in new awareness

With a mark on you
To see you through
He put a mark on you
He will see you through
Oh, it is not through
Track Name: Abraham and Isaac
Oh great teacher
Are you a promise keeper?
It’s time to go son
The work must be done

Oh great father
Would you call for slaughter?
We waited so long
I waited so long

Oh great provider
Have we made you tired?
Am I to blame now?
Am I to blame somehow?

Burning torches
Is this how I worship?
It’s on the way now
The lamb is on the way now

Am I to say how?

All that you hope
All that you know
All that you thought was yours to hold
Burn it alive
Learn to set fire
Learn to fear what you sacrifice

Oh great servant
You have served your purpose
Put your hand down
Put your hand down

Oh great promise
To finish what I started
Is not too much now
To spread our son out

You will not see how

But I swear by myself
I swear to your health
Just as I saw you lay him down
Ram you come out
Ram you come out
Ram would you lay your body down

Oh my father
I see the wood and fire
But where’s your lamb now?
Where’s our lamb now?
Track Name: Names
Go out from your parents
I give you a nation
If you could only see it
I don’t want to call you what I used to call you
Everybody, everybody’s changing so just let me change you

Will you not be fruitful?
Mother of a nation
You got tired of waiting
I don’t want to call you what I used to call you
Everybody, everybody’s changing
So just let me change you

You were born of struggle
Do you hate your nation?
Are you tired of fighting?
I don’t want to call you what I used to call you
Everybody, everybody’s fading
So just let me name you